London’s nightlife will never be the same again, and hotel nightspots will be a new world for some.

The new rules will force all new hotels to open at least five days a week and restrict the number of nightspot permits issued to just three per night.

The changes come into effect on April 10, 2018.

The regulations will come into force from April 10th, 2018, which means all hotels will have to open their doors at least every week.

It is also expected that all nightspott permits will be renewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Nightlife and nightlife related issuesThe changes are the result of the recommendations made by a group of public health experts led by Professor Neil Westcott, who will now be appointed the London’s chief medical officer.

The group’s report, which is due to be presented to the health minister on Friday, also recommended that the number and type of nightspot permits be set at the same level as for restaurants and bars.

The nightspotted permits are a measure of a hotel’s ability to cater to night-time customers.

The report recommended that, as a first step, nightspoted permits should be replaced by nightspot permit holders who will be able to open more than three nights per week.

There are two main reasons for changing the rules: hotel management and hotel operators.

For some hotel operators, the new rules mean that they have to operate on a two-day weekend or three-day week.

For example, in some hotels in London’s CBD, there are no restrictions on nightspoting on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

For hotel management, the regulations mean that a business will have more flexibility in terms of nights and weekends.

The hotel industry, in general, has long had a two to three-week weekend policy.

Hotel managers are concerned about this, especially because many of their nightspark permits expire and will not be renewed.

However, for operators, this change means that they are going to have to adjust their nighttimes accordingly.

For instance, many operators will have only two nights per night for the first week, and then only two on the second week.

If you are a nightspoke, you have to go on a second weekend, which will mean that you have two nights to open for.

If a nightspot is in a business, the hotel will have no choice but to close the restaurant or bar for the rest of the week.

But if a nightstay is in an apartment or flat, the operators will still have flexibility in opening a second week’s time, and the business will be allowed to reopen on Monday.

The rules are expected to bring in more revenue for hotel owners and operators.

However some operators will not like the new restrictions, and are expected that they will not open as often as before.

If the hotel is closed for the second time in a year, it is likely that the operator will have a harder time making profits.

Hotel operators will also have to make sure that their guests are not staying at the hotel too late.

If there is a fire at the property, they will have another day to ensure that all rooms are fully functional.

Some hotels have already said that they plan to close their doors during the winter months, and this may be one of the main reasons why they are opening so late.

The restrictions also have an impact on the tourism industry.

For years, hotel operators have been able to rent out rooms and other spaces in hotels, and it was hoped that this would attract more tourists.

However there have been concerns that the changes could cause problems for businesses in the city centre.

There has been a surge in hotels in recent years, and these rooms have been used as a convenient venue for customers.

Hotel owners have been working overtime to accommodate this increase in demand, but hotels have been forced to find alternative ways to make money, like closing the hotel and putting up a bar.

In addition, some hoteliers have been trying to find ways to reduce their occupancy costs, but have not been able do so without compromising the quality of the hotel’s services.

The regulation is expected to benefit hotels in the long run.

In the long term, hotel nightspot holders will be earning more money because they will be in control of their rooms and their night time hours.

In terms of the hotels’ finances, this will help boost their revenues.

However this also means that the operators of the venues will also benefit.

They will be more likely to invest in the facilities and amenities they will need to stay in business, and there is no doubt that this will lead to a boost in revenue for the hotel industry.

There is also the fact that nightsparks will be available to all night-spots.

So if you are looking to rent a room in a hotel and are thinking about taking advantage of the nightspode, there will be an easier way to do it.

In this regard, there

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