How to stay healthy and save money when you’re visiting the Nashville area?

We know the answer, because we have compiled some of the top tips and tricks for saving money while in the Nashville Metro area.1.

Stay out of sight2.

Take the bus and train3.

Visit the local grocery store4.

Go for a walk5.

Check out a movie6.

See a show or theatre7.

Get some exercise8.

Take a stroll9.

Go to the park10.

Play a musical or theatre11.

Visit a museum12.

Go on a bike tour13.

Take in a great restaurant14.

Visit an art museum15.

Go out for a date16.

Try some BBQ17.

Play basketball18.

Take out a loan19.

Buy a new car20.

Get a new dog21.

Take your pet on a walking tour22.

Do some yard work23.

Take some swimming lessons24.

Get to know your neighbors25.

Go grocery shopping26.

Do a little shopping27.

Take time out to do some yard chores28.

Get your car repaired29.

Get on the Internet30.

Take on a project31.

Start a new hobby32.

Buy some furniture33.

Do something that you love34.

Play an instrument35.

Play some music36.

Go swimming or do some water aerobics37.

Take care of your pets38.

Go skiing39.

Try your hand at a sport or hobby40.

Get out of the house to do something other than watch TV41.

Go a day at your local golf course42.

Take public transportation43.

Take an adventure44.

Go camping45.

Visit your local spa46.

Go ski tubing47.

Go biking48.

Go canoeing49.

Go kayaking50.

Go fly fishing51.

Take camping trips52.

Take outdoor movies with friends53.

Take swimming lessons54.

Take part in a children’s birthday party55.

Go bowling56.

Go ice skating57.

Go scuba diving58.

Take advantage of some free or discounted events59.

Go mountain biking60.

Go snowshoeing61.

Take something out of your closet to make your life easier62.

Take it easy on yourself63.

Go hiking64.

Take off on a personal adventure65.

Go fishing66.

Go snorkeling67.

Take up a hobby that interests you68.

Take that weekend off to travel69.

Take weekend off70.

Go surfing71.

Go cycling72.

Go running73.

Go horseback riding74.

Go cross country skiing75.

Go yoga class76.

Go golfing77.

Take another weekend off78.

Take vacation time79.

Go get some exercise80.

Take someone out for dinner81.

Take one of your own time for an extended period of time82.

Take yourself on a walk83.

Get yourself to the gym84.

Go in for a visit85.

Go the gym for a few days86.

Go your regular appointment at the dentist87.

Take to the movies88.

Take long walks in the park89.

Go shopping90.

Go at a flea market91.

Take trips to the spa92.

Take two long bike rides93.

Go into the forest94.

Take home the new furniture95.

Go sledding96.

Go hunting97.

Go kiteboarding98.

Go climbing a mountain99.

Take all of your friends to the beach100.

Go bike riding101.

Go tennis102.

Go sailing103.

Go tobogganing104.

Take pictures105.

Go an outdoor event106.

Go water skiing107.

Take three weeks off108.

Take over your home109.

Take five days off110.

Take several days off111.

Go away from work112.

Go skateboarding113.

Go baseball or football with friends114.

Go go fishing115.

Take short walks in a park116.

Go roller skating117.

Take hikes or get a day hike118.

Go walking or riding a bicycle119.

Go take in a movie120.

Go rock climbing121.

Go riding a bike122.

Take you bike on a road trip123.

Go bird watching124.

Go exploring your neighborhood125.

Go taking a short tour126.

Go visiting your parents127.

Go doing something that interests YOU128.

Take walks with your parents129.

Go some sightseeing130.

Go getting your nails done131.

Go playing a sport132.

Take yoga lesson133.

Take class at a local church134.

Go backpacking or skiing to go mountain biking135.

Go tubing136.

Go bicycling137.

Go flying a kite138.

Go downhill skiing139.

Go jumping on a mountain140.

Go skydiving141.

Go going out on a date with your friends142.

Go learning some guitar143.

Go diving with your kids144.

Go shooting with your dog145.

Go throwing a football 146.

Go putting a football in the hole147.

Go basketball with your daughter148.

Go skating at

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