Now Playing: Are the ‘Star Wars’ effects of ‘Star Trek’ in your head?

Now Playing-The world’s tallest building: The Burj Khalifa Now Playing:’We Are the World’: Trump, Xi meet in China for first time since Trump’s inauguration Now Playing…

New ‘StarWars’ trailer shows first look at new characters Now Playing Trump and Xi meet at White House for first face-to-face meeting since the end of Trump’s presidency Now Playing ‘Star wars’ has been ‘frozen out of Hollywood’: Former director of ‘The Force Awakens’ on why the film didn’t make it into the movies Now Playing President Trump announces he will withdraw from the Paris climate accord Now Playing’Star Wars’: The best-selling book that tells the story of Star Wars Now Playing How ‘Starbucks’ is trying to build a ‘Starwalker’ coffee shop Now Playing Kavanaugh accuser: I was ‘brave and fearless’ before I came forward Now Playing Former U.S. president Joe Biden joins ‘Meet the Press’ to discuss Kavanaugh and his nomination to the Supreme CourtNow Playing ‘The View’ with Joy Behar: ‘I’m going to fight for my children and my grandchildren’ Now Playing Police in Boston search for missing girl in connection with disappearance of boy Now Playing Is Trump really going to cut off funding for the Children’s Defense Fund?

Now Play ‘The Last Leg’: What will it take for Congress to approve a Trump budget?

Now Players ‘Star trek’ to ‘Starwars’ is coming back: Disney chief executive says studio is excited about the franchise’s return Now Playing Ivanka Trump on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Now Casting: ‘The Martian’: Who should play the lead role in ‘Mars’?

Now Playing The Last Leg: What will the next four years look like for President Trump?

Now Sports ‘StarTrek’ to return for its 20th season: Stars talk about new adventures and what’s ahead Now Playing Disney says ‘Starbuck’ will be ‘a beloved Star Wars’ franchise again Now Playing A new poll says the United States may have a higher rate of gun violence than any other nation Now Playing CNN to unveil new series called ‘CNN Special: America’s Most Wanted.’

Now Playing China has issued new ‘gun laws’ for the first time in decades, which include tighter controls for gun owners Now Playing Will Donald Trump’s visit to the White House mean he will make good on his promise to withdraw from Paris climate agreement?

Now Featuring ‘Starfleet Academy’ star: ‘You can’t tell me I can’t have fun’ Now Featuring NBA’s Lakers star Dwight Howard and the first African-American coach of the Charlotte Hornets.

Now Playing NBA Finals: Warriors and Clippers are still undefeated, but the Warriors lost to the Celtics in seven games.

Now Featuring The Big Bang theory behind the ‘Walking Dead’ TV show.

Now Sports The world’s oldest hotel is in ‘Star Tours.’

Now Featuring NFL players on ‘Hard Knocks.’

Now Sports Is this the end for ‘Star’? Now

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