Posted April 05, 2018 09:59:50The latest Red Lion hotel, which was originally built in 2003, is in the midst of a massive overhaul.

The hotel’s original plan was to create a modern, upscale destination hotel.

But the building’s owners decided to change their plans, leaving behind the old-fashioned hotel’s design.

The hotel will be a major addition to the block island hotel chain, and is the second Red Lion to be built near New York City.

This will be the fourth Red Lion built in the area, along with a new hotel in Florida.

According to the New York Times, the Red Lion will house an 80-room hotel, a two-level restaurant and a bar, with a bar area above.

The new hotel will house a lounge and lounge bar.

The main lobby is being converted into a restaurant.

The restaurant is expected to open in late 2018.

The hotels interior, designed by architect Michael Meegan, features an elegant bar area, an elegant and modern lobby and an open-plan restaurant.

The Red Lion is located on block island, which is adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Red Lion’s hotel is the tallest building in the block.

It has a roof-top height of 1,071 feet, making it the third tallest building on the block behind the New Jersey State House and the Brooklyn Museum.

The new Red Lions hotel is expected for completion in 2020.

It will have a new elevator system and an indoor swimming pool.

It’s the second hotel to be constructed on block Island.

The previous Red Lion, located on the north side of block island is scheduled to be demolished.

The New York Daily News reported the New Red Lion could be completed in 2017.

In 2018, the city approved the purchase of a 19-story building on block street, and plans for a hotel and residential building on adjacent block island were finalized.

In 2020, the City Council approved a proposal to build the Red Lions, and a new Red lions will open later that year.

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