The New York Times Magazine’s hottest hotel rankings are based on an algorithm that takes into account reviews, reviews from guests and hotel ratings from hotels, resorts and other sources.

The rankings were compiled by a company called A.P. Hotels, which collects hotel reviews, ratings and reviews from hotels and other hotel and restaurant establishments.

The results are then aggregated by hotels and restaurants, allowing readers to narrow down the list to the top 25 hottest hotel destinations on the globe.

Hotel rankings are typically a good way to gauge the quality of a hotel’s atmosphere and service.

The A.A. HotELS team said that it decided to include hotels with a rating of 5.0 or higher because of their proximity to major cities and the number of reviews.

The top-rated hotel is chosen by a panel of hotel experts.


AHotels also said that the hotel ratings are used to determine the most expensive hotel in the U.S. The 10 hotels with the highest scores are in the top 20 and in the 10 highest-rated cities.

Hoteling industry experts also noted that they are also looking at the ratings of local restaurants.

Hotelling experts say that there is a high probability that hotels and dining establishments will be ranked higher in the future.

“There’s nothing wrong with this methodology.

We have to consider all the factors and all the data that we have,” said Michael Menn, the chief executive officer of A. HotEL.

We’re just looking at our methodology, and we’re not going to be biased in any way. “

We’re not trying to give the ranking to any one company.

We’re just looking at our methodology, and we’re not going to be biased in any way.

This is just the way it works.”

The AHotELS team is currently working with hotel industry insiders to refine the hotel rankings.

The company said that they will publish a list of the top-ranked hotel destinations by May 6.

In the meantime, readers can vote for their favorite hotels on A.

Hotels site.

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