It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times.

Denver is no longer a city that can be said to be a place where the middle class is happy.

Today, it is a place that has been forced to live through a global recession.

And the people living in Denver now are suffering.

This is the story of how and why this happens.

Here’s a look at some of the problems that are plaguing Denver.

The people who live here deserve a lot of credit, and for that they deserve some of their problems.

They deserve better.

But they don’t deserve this.

They can’t expect it.

They need help.

And they don’ t have it.

The problems are everywhere.

Denver hotels have always been among the most expensive places in the world, and it’s a problem that extends to everything from the prices of rooms to the amenities of the hotel.

Denver’s hotels have consistently been the most pricey in the country.

And that’s a fact.

But it’s not the only problem.

The other problems that come up are not unique to Denver.

Across the country, the problems are much more acute.

The real estate market is collapsing in many cities and many states.

Many people are being forced to relocate.

This has led to a sharp rise in property values.

The city has a lot to lose in the long run.

For a while, this has helped make Denver the second-most expensive city in the United States, behind New York City.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

People are moving out.

A lot of people are moving in.

The average number of hotel rooms per person has dropped by more than 20 percent in Denver since 2000.

Many cities have been experiencing a housing crisis.

For example, the number of new single-family homes has declined by more more than 50 percent in the past decade.

And this has been particularly pronounced in Denver.

And it’s no surprise that people are looking for somewhere else to live.

In 2016, more than 40 percent of the people in Denver were renters, according to a recent study by the Denver Department of Finance.

That’s an increase from the year before, when it was just under 35 percent.

So if the population of Denver is going to keep rising, it will have to come from somewhere else.

People will move to Denver in droves.

It’s hard to believe.

Denver has a population of just under 30,000.

In fact, that’s just one of the most recent statistics we can find.

So we know the population is growing rapidly, and there are a lot more people coming into the city than there are people staying.

It makes sense that people would want to get out.

And people are leaving.

The number of people who have moved out of Denver has grown by more then 20 percent over the past two decades.

And these people are not the people who come to Denver for the arts, the music, or the sports.

They’re people who are moving into Denver for jobs, and they’re people in other states.

And their jobs aren’t good.

It takes a lot for them to make ends meet, and the people with jobs aren’ t going to be able to afford to buy a house.

And Denver is the only city in Colorado where a third of its population is living below the poverty line.

And if those numbers are still going to rise, it means that many people will be leaving.

And we’re talking about Denver, a city of over 100,000 people, where nearly three-quarters of the population live in poverty.

And in this context, it doesn’t make sense for someone to rent a room in Denver if the prices aren’t affordable.

If rents were as high as they are now, people would be making as much as they did before.

And so we need to invest in our transit system.

There’s a lot that needs to be done to address these issues.

But we also need to address other problems.

The housing crisis Denver has experienced over the last two decades has created a crisis for the city.

Many of the areas with the most unaffordable housing in the city have seen the number and number of units increase dramatically over the same time period.

For instance, the numbers in Denver have gone from 6,854 units per 10,000 residents in 2010 to 11,567 in 2016.

The growth in Denver’s housing costs has been so dramatic that people have had to move out.

The new apartments have created a lot less affordable housing.

Denver had a long-term plan to help people move out of the city, but that has largely failed.

Denver currently has a $3.2 billion debt.

That debt, as you know, is already in default, which means it’s in default on all of its obligations.

And because of that, it has a very serious financial problem.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says that the city is currently in the process of paying off the debt.

This means that the debt

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