What you need to know about Australia’s hotel industry.

What are the key things you need as a visitor to Australia’s largest tourist destination?1.

Hotel Australia is the largest operator of hotels in Australia and is considered the most important hotel operator in Australia.

The company employs over 1.3 million people, with about one million of them employed as hotel managers.2.

Australia has the largest number of hotels with around 800,000 hotels, or around half of all hotels in the country.3.

There are more than 1,000,000 restaurants and cafes in Australia, with around 1,600 of those cafes catering to the hospitality industry.4.

The total number of hotel rooms in Australia stands at 2.5 million, and with the number of people living in Australia increasing each year, there are now over a million more people than there were in 1980.5.

Australia is a world leader in hotel industry turnover and occupancy, with the hotel industry contributing more than $20 billion to the Australian economy in 2017.6.

Australia’s hospitality industry employs around 100,000 people and has a population of over one billion.7.

Australia also has the highest proportion of people aged 55 and over in the workforce in the world, at 51.2%.8.

In 2017, Australia ranked in the top five countries in terms of number of travellers per capita, according to the Travel Industry Association (TIA).9.

Australia boasts the third highest number of foreign visitors in the global tourism industry, behind only New Zealand and the United States.10.

The average cost of a single night stay in a hotel is about $11,700 in 2017, but it can be much more expensive in some of the country’s more remote and remote areas.11.

Around a quarter of Australian households spend over $100 per day on hotel accommodation.

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