Hotel coronados are the new, and if you’re new to the game, the best of it is the variety of hotel options in the city.

There’s nothing like a coronado to add to your summer menu and make the best out of your vacation.

But before you head to a coronando, here are the top hotel hotels to check out in the Big State.1.

Coronando delle Coronado, San Francisco (click for larger image)Located on the historic waterfront in the heart of the Mission District, the Coronandadelor is one of the oldest hotels in the Bay Area and was built in 1929.

The hotel offers the best views of the Bay from its top deck and boasts an impressive pool, spa, and sauna.2.

Coronet Hotel, San Jose (click on image for larger)A boutique hotel in downtown San Jose, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, has been around since 1882.

The modernist style, with large windows and glass, brings a modern feel to the hotel and its amenities.

The Hotel Cosmopolitan is also known for its rooftop pool, rooftop restaurant, and a rooftop rooftop bar.3.

Hotel San Jose Downtown, San Mateo (click image for large image)A modern, boutique hotel that has a contemporary twist to it, the Hotel San Francisco Downtown has been offering a number of themed and premium packages since its opening in 2009.

Located on the corner of California and San Francisco Streets, the hotel features a modern design and has a rooftop bar that serves cocktails and food.4.

Hilton Grand Hyatt, San Diego (click images for larger and larger images)A brand new Hilton Grand Hotel, located in the historic San Diego waterfront, opened in 2014.

Located just off of the Embarcadero Bridge, the new hotel features views of downtown San Diego.

The Hilton Grand is also a popular destination for the city’s summer revelers, especially during the summer.5.

The Four Seasons, San Juan Capistrano (click to enlarge)Located in the hills west of San Juan, the Four Seasons offers an amazing rooftop rooftop restaurant.

The restaurant offers an eclectic menu, which includes Mexican, Mediterranean, and seafood.6.

The Luxe Residences at The Four Points, West Hollywood (click “photos” for larger images and larger text)Located just off the 405 Freeway, the Luxe Resort offers suites for rent at prices starting at just $500 a night, or up to $1,000 a night.

Located in the West Hollywood neighborhood, the resort offers plenty of space for your guests to enjoy a night out.7.

The Plaza Hotel & Suites at The Plaza, Los Angeles (click pictures for larger article)Located along the iconic West Hollywood Boulevard, The Plaza hotel offers a variety of rooms to rent for just $1 per night.

The luxury suites are located on a large deck overlooking the city, complete with outdoor hot tubs and an outdoor pool.8.

The Royal Palm Beach Resort, Palm Beach Gardens (click photo for larger picture)Located off of Palm Beach’s iconic Piers 10 and 11, the Royal Palm Resort has been serving guests since 1871.

With spectacular views of Central Florida and the surrounding coastline, the property has been the location of a number weddings and family events in recent years.9.

The Mirage Hotel, Miami Beach (click picture for larger source)A contemporary, luxurious hotel located at the foot of Miami Beach’s famous skyline, the Mirage is one that has been attracting guests for more than a century.

With a modern, contemporary design and elegant touches, guests can stay in the Mirage hotel’s expansive lobby.10.

The Beach Club, Miami (click article for larger text, larger image, and video)A new hotel designed by architect Charles M. Smith and built in 1891, The Beach is a stylish, modern hotel designed to make the perfect evening out for guests.

With modern amenities, including an outdoor bar, pool, and rooftop pool bar, guests will be treated to a relaxing evening.

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