The hotel room that you’re in could be the target of an automated attack, according to a group of researchers working on the next generation of hotel-room monitoring systems.

The team is working with hotel company Xcaret to develop a hotel room-monitoring system that uses sensors that are placed inside the room, rather than outside.

Xcareg’s systems, called hotel rooms, are already used by hotel rooms and other places in the hotel industry, and could be used in a variety of other situations, including the building where you sleep, or the office you work from.

A hotel room could be a potential target for an automated, remote attack because it is generally not connected to the Internet or WiFi, but could be able to be tracked through the system.

XCaret’s sensors detect temperature and humidity, which could help the system identify an attack, and they can also measure the room’s volume.

If Xcarets system detects that someone is in the room and sends a notification, the user would be able use the notification to access the room remotely.

“If the sensor detects the user is in a room, it sends a message to the room to let them know that they have been detected,” Alex Pouget, Xcaretran’s founder, told Ars.

If the room was not being used, XCaretran could send a notification that the room is no longer in use to any devices in the facility.

Poug said Xcareton also has the capability to monitor rooms with cameras installed in the rooms, which would allow it to track the movements of people in the vicinity.

“We have a whole suite of tools for monitoring rooms,” Poulet said.

“It’s just about understanding the system and understanding what it does, and then building a system that can monitor the room itself.”

While the technology is still in development, Pougt said the team has had good results so far.

In one instance, Pouch said the hotel room detection system tracked down a person who was outside the room for several hours.

“The next morning, the person was found and they were able to get back in the bed and stay in their room,” Pouch told Ars via email.

“I believe this is a significant breakthrough in hotel monitoring.”

Pouche said XCarets sensors can also detect what the person is doing while they are in the office, and Xcarett can use the data from these sensors to track people as they leave the room.

The company plans to launch the hotel-monitored hotel system in the coming months, and is looking for more investors to help make it a reality.

Ars Technic’s Tom Pfeiffer is the senior editor at Ars Technicas blog.

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