Reno, NV— A group of Reno hotel owners will be paying $1,500,000 to the Reno Police Department to settle a lawsuit filed by the city.

The owners, who were sued for not allowing them to build a new hotel on land they owned, have agreed to pay $950,000 in restitution and court costs.

In April of 2016, the owners of the hotel, Hotel Reno, filed a lawsuit against the city for failing to build the hotel on a site that was the site of a former prison and other facilities, and for failing, without notice, to notify the city that it would be building on the land.

The hotel owners claimed that they had been forced to sell the property because of the city’s refusal to pay for a new building on that property.

In January of 2017, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, but the hotel owners sued again, this time asking the judge to order the city to pay their legal fees and expenses.

The city’s attorney argued that the city had no authority to force the owners to pay because the property was already owned by the Reno City Council, which owns the property.

However, in the summer of 2018, a state judge ruled that the City of Reno had no power to require the owners and their attorneys to pay.

The judge wrote, “In this instance, the city cannot compel the plaintiffs to pay court costs and attorneys’ fees for a lawsuit that was dismissed by the state court.

The decision is consistent with the state Supreme Court’s decision in The National Hotel and Restaurant Association v.


In January, the owner of the Reno National City Council and the owners, along with the Reno Mayor, filed an amicus brief in support of the owners.

The amicus briefs were filed in an attempt to clarify the law and provide clarity to the public about the property owners rights.

The court’s decision means that owners of properties owned by municipalities, which include the city of Reno, will be able to sue the city and city councils that were negligent in their obligations to provide affordable housing, affordable hotel accommodations, and to keep the property in a state of good repair.

As part of the settlement, the Reno police will pay $1 million to the city, which will reimburse the owners for the legal fees that were paid by the defendants.

A statement from the Reno Hotel owners said, “The City of Las Vegas has long recognized the importance of affordable housing and our hotel owners have fought hard for it in the community for many years.

In 2016, we won the rights to build affordable housing for our hotel guests and residents through a settlement with the city council, which we were thrilled to enter into.

We are very proud of our victory and will be glad to continue our efforts to ensure the rights of all Nevadans are protected.”

The statement continued, “We appreciate the support of all of our guests, residents, and the community in this effort.

We also want to thank our officers, staff, and supporters in the city who have made this possible for our community.”

The settlement, if approved by the court, would take effect in September 2020 and could potentially impact future litigation, including with the cities own attorney general.

The owner of Hotel Reno told Breitbart News that the group was very happy with the settlement and that they would work with the police department to get their building built.

“We are happy to have the city on board and look forward to building a hotel that is truly affordable for our guests and our residents,” the owner said.

“There are still lots of opportunities to build and expand our hotel and the city is definitely committed to helping us with that.”

The hotel, the Hotel Reno said, was a project of the City Council in 2014, which had the goal of building a city-owned hotel that would be affordable to all residents.

“The hotel and other housing projects have been a key component of our community outreach,” the hotel owner added.

“This is the perfect outcome for our residents and hotel guests.

We look forward working with the Police Department and the City to make sure that these efforts continue.”

As of the date of this article, the settlement does not include any details on what the city will be responsible for paying to the hotel.

Reno Mayor Stephen P. Anderson said in a statement that the settlement “sends a clear message that the Reno hotel and surrounding property owners have a right to fair, equitable, and affordable housing.

We will continue to support these homeowners, and we look forward with great optimism to building the future of affordable homes in the City.”

As a community, we need to find ways to improve our public housing and housing outcomes, and these settlements are a key part of that effort,” Anderson added.

As a city, we continue to have concerns about the City’s

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