Posted July 31, 2018 03:17:31 The Indianapolis area is buzzing with new-year resolutions.

With the first wave of holiday crowds in town, some of the hottest spots in town are starting to show up.

For those looking to save a bit of cash, some hotels in the area are offering discounts on holiday stays.

If you want to save some money on your holiday stay, visit some of these popular hotel properties on the East Coast or on the West Coast, including Hilton Indianapolis, Marriott Marquis, Marriott Garden Inn, and the new Marriott in Indianapolis.

Here’s what to expect at these hotels in Indianapolis:Hilton Indianapolis, a new luxury hotel coming to the Indianapolis area, is a $250 per night hotel with a rooftop deck that overlooks downtown Indianapolis.

The hotel has a full breakfast buffet and a rooftop bar.

The rooftop bar features a DJ, a ping pong table, and a live DJ.

You can also enjoy complimentary cocktails and local food from local vendors and restaurants.

The poolside pool offers free WiFi and an expansive deck with bar, outdoor seating, and water features.

The hotel is just off of Westlake Avenue, just south of downtown Indianapolis, and it has a beautiful location that will make you feel right at home.

The new hotel offers a free WiFi, a rooftop patio and a spacious lounge, with plenty of room for entertaining.

The Hilton Indianapolis Hotel is located at 614 Westlake Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202, or (317) 636-1101.

The Marriott Marquardt, the largest hotel in Indianapolis, is located on the south side of downtown, just east of the Indianapolis Convention Center.

It is a 1,300 room, 4,700 square foot, luxury hotel with outdoor pool, a private beach, a restaurant and a bar.

There is also a rooftop pool, and free Wi-Fi.

The Marquis Hotel is on the west side of the convention center, on the northeast corner of the city.

It has a 1.2 million square foot luxury hotel and restaurant with a restaurant.

The Marquis is also equipped with free WiFi.

Hotel Info:Hotel:Marriott Marquis Indianapolis, 717 Westlake Blvd., Indianapolis , IN 46206, (317)-636-9333 or (765) 624-4100.

Hotels:Hotels Info:Marquis Indianapolis Hotel, 718 Westlake Drive, Indianapolis, Ind., 46211, (812) 782-3960.

Hotes Info: Marriott Marquise Indianapolis, 702 Westlake Boulevard, Indianapolis , Ind., 46204, (765)- 624 – 4100.

Hilton Jacksonville, the second largest hotel and property in the Hilton Indianapolis Indianapolis is located across the street from the convention area.

The Jacksonville hotel has outdoor pool and private beach.

The property also has free WiFi on the patio.

Hotlien Jacksonville Hotel, 514 W. Colonial, Indianapolis .

Hotels Hotlien, 3333 South Street, Indianapolis.

Hoten Jacksonville Hotel.

Hotliens Jacksonville, 1412 N. Main St., Indianapolis.

Hospitality Info: Hospitality Info Jacksonville, 1204 South Main St. Indianapolis, 524-632-0090.

Hotest Hotel in IndianapolisHotel Information: Hotel Info: Hotel Jacksonville, 1301 S. Main, Indianapolis 624 431-0100.

Hotness Hotel Info Jacksonville: Hotel Hotness Jacksonville, 2901 S Main St, Indianapolis Indianapolis, 624 786-9988Hotel Hotel Info Jacksonville, 1320 S Main Street, Jackson, Ind.

Hot hotel info:Hotlios Jacksonville, 2425 N. High St., Jackson,Ind.

Hot Lifestyle Hotels Indianapolis, 2501 E. State St., Hilton Indianapolis Indiana, 317-635-1118Hotlion Hilton Indianapolis hotel, 604 E. Main Street Indianapolis, Indianapolis 46202.

Hotleth Las Vegas, located on Main Street in the center of the downtown Indianapolis shopping area, offers a hotel suite for $200 per night.

The room has four double beds, two double baths, a large kitchen, and full breakfast bar.

It also has a large screen TV and private outdoor pool.

There is also complimentary Wi-fi.

The Las Vegas Hilton Hotel is situated on the third floor of the Hotel Las Vegas.

The resort offers complimentary Wi (Wi-Fi) on the roof deck.

The casino is located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas and is open year round.

It’s located on a large strip of downtown at the intersection of North Main Street and East Main Street.

The resort is well known for the entertainment and casinos that it has.

The casino has a number of popular casinos including the Starlight Room, which has been the setting for some of MGM’s most famous films.

The Starlight Suite at the Starlights

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