When you think of Manhattan, you might think of luxury hotels and casinos, but that’s just one side of the story.

You might also think of the beach and parks, but there are many more ways to explore New York.

For example, if you like to spend time with your family, you can visit the park, the beaches, or even go to the movies, according to a recent study from the University of Pennsylvania.

This new guide from Lonely Planet New York provides the best places to go in the city.

The guide includes a variety of reviews, including ones for hotels, restaurants, museums, and shopping.

The book includes reviews of hotels in all of New York’s boroughs, as well as the most popular hotels in Manhattan.

The best hotels in NYC The most popular hotel in Manhattan: $1,800 per night, a hotel that features marble floors, granite countertops, and a marble bathroom.

The hotel is available with or without Wi-Fi, and there’s also a private balcony.

The pool is located on the third floor, and has a private elevator.

The room rates start at $3,000 per night and are up to $10,000 for those staying in a suite.

The Hotel at the Plaza Hotel, located at 5 West 39th Street, has a two-bedroom suite that rents for $2,000 a night.

The second bedroom has an open kitchen, and an outdoor bar is available.

The lobby has private balconies, private restrooms, and private pools.

The three-bedroom suites are $2.75 million each.

The Four Seasons at the Waldorf Astoria has three bedrooms for $3 million per night.

This is a four-bedroom hotel, and the suites are in a four star hotel suite and two-star suite, which has a separate private pool.

The two-story hotel suites have an open patio and outdoor bar.

The resort has a pool with a private spa.

The Hilton New York Beach is located at 7 West 34th Street and has three rooms for $7.5 million per year.

The suite features a private pool and indoor pool.

There is also a rooftop terrace, which includes a rooftop patio.

The property also has a rooftop bar and restaurant.

The Beach Club at the Four Seasons is located near the Four Points Casino and is on the 4th Avenue peninsula.

The five-bedroom and six-bedroom apartments are available with Wi-fi.

The Upper West Side is a popular destination for Manhattanites.

The Grand Hyatt New York is located in Midtown Manhattan and offers four bedrooms for between $3.8 million and $4.1 million per season.

There are three restaurants and two bars and the spa is a spa.

There’s a private rooftop bar.

There was a 5-star hotel suite available for $5.9 million, according a listing on TripAdvisor.

This was the first time we had seen a hotel priced above $4 million.

The Sheraton Tower at the Marriott Marquis New York features four rooms for between a reported $3-4 million per month.

The rooftop terraces are available for rent.

The suites are priced at $1.7 million per, which is the average for New York hotels.

The Westin Hilton New Yorker is located off Broadway and offers two rooms for around $3 to $4 per night per person.

The private terrace and pool are both available.

There also is a private gym.

There were three hotels with the most expensive suites: the Four Rooms at the Marriotts at 42 West 44th Street; the Four-Bedroom Suite at the Sheraton at the Hotel Astoria; and the Grand Hyat at the New York Marriott Marquise.

The Three Bedrooms at the Westin are located on 42 West 41st Street and the Four Bedrooms are located in the West Village.

The Marriotterts at 38 West 42nd Street is the only hotel with the three most expensive rooms, at a reported price of $8.7 per night for a suite with a three-story balcony, $9.9 per night with a balcony, and $12.2 per night in a two bedroom suite.

This price is below average, but the suite features an outdoor pool, private balcony, private gym, private spa, and terrace with an outdoor shower.

The Marriott Marquises at 38 and 42 West 42 and 42 and 38 West 40th Street are also available for a higher price.

The New York Hilton has two rooms with an average price of about $4,500 per night each, and this is the second hotel to get a three star rating on Trip Advisor.

The Luxury Suites at the Hilton New Jersey are located off the Lower East Side, and are open to the public and offer two suites for $1 million each, or $5 million in total.

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