The Portland International airport is no stranger to controversy.

Last year, the airport was slammed by protesters, who chanted anti-Muslim slogans and demanded the removal of all Muslims.

The airport reopened on January 4, and this year, protesters also took to the streets.

A few weeks ago, the Portland airport reopened after it was closed for nearly a week.

But this time, the protesters were much more militant and targeted Muslim passengers, a tactic that was condemned by both the airport and its own security staff.

One of the most popular protests at Portland’s airport, dubbed #BerkleyBerk, took place last Thursday.

The protesters targeted Muslim travelers and asked the airport to let them through.

Some of the passengers they targeted were wearing the niqab, a face covering that covers the face to make it difficult to identify people by their faces.

Some protesters wore the masks they used during the protests, while others wore traditional Muslim garb.

“We are protesting because we want to make sure the safety of everyone is the top priority, because it’s really a very important issue for us as Muslims,” said one protester who wished to remain anonymous.

Some Portlanders took to social media to express their frustration with the protesters and their tactics.

“I don’t like the people that are wearing the masks.

They should just leave and we’ll get on with it,” one user wrote.

“If we can just get through, maybe we can make it,” another added.

A third said, “The mask is not a threat to anyone.

I am just a regular guy.”

The Portland protesters were also accompanied by armed security guards.

The Portland airport is not the first to have to deal with a backlash from Muslim travelers.

Earlier this year in April, the Washington D.C. airport was closed after an armed group of anti-Islamic demonstrators broke through security and threw rocks and firecrackers at the gates of the airport.

The protest was called off after a few hours, but it still had a significant effect on the airport’s security.

According to the Washington Post, some of the protestors also wore masks, which were the subject of criticism from both local law enforcement and the Muslim community.

But in the end, the group was eventually arrested and charged with rioting.

This is a developing story.

Stay up to date on the ongoing fight for equality and freedom in America.

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