The Miami area has always been home to the most expensive hotels in the world, and now that’s changing.

The first luxury hotel to open in the US is the new Miami Beach Hotel, a luxury hotel on the edge of the city.

It is one of just five such hotels in South Florida, according to real estate website Zillow.

The Miami Beach hotel will offer a unique experience, with a large courtyard, infinity pool and a cinema.

The hotel will be the first to open since Miami Beach was annexed by Florida in 2006. 

“The Miami Beach property offers unparalleled views of the ocean and is the ideal location for a brand new luxury hotel,” said Michael Raup, chief executive of Universal, which owns the property.

The property, which is being built with help from Miami Beach, is the first of its kind in the country, and Universal is among the first US companies to invest in the project.

The project will open to the public on October 3.

It will feature three separate areas: an infinity pool, a hotel lobby, and restaurants and bars.

There will also be a private balcony overlooking the ocean. 

The hotel’s interior is being designed by architect Philip Johnson, who has worked on such luxury properties as the Palazzo Venezia in Milan and the Hotel Le Bourget in Paris. 

According to Zillows, the hotel’s location will help it avoid the problems of being built on private land.

The luxury hotel is expected to have an occupancy rate of between 30 and 40 percent, which, according with the project’s website, will be better than most. 

It is the third luxury hotel in Miami to open this year, following the Hotel Ibiza and the Sheraton in Miami.

 In 2017, Miami Beach became the latest city to add a new luxury property to its cityscape. 

On January 1, the city officially became the first city in the United States to formally open a hotel in the area, as the Miami Beach Hilton Hotel opened for business in a new area just across the river from the Miami River.

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