With the release of Lego Themed Worlds in 2019, the Legoland brand is in a bit of a bind.

After releasing two of the most popular themed parks in the world, one in Orlando, Florida, and the other in California, the company has been struggling to find new themes for the parks that are both memorable and also fun.

But one thing is for sure, no theme park theme will ever be the same after 2019.

In order to get the parks back to their previous glory, Legoland is turning to a brand new approach to the theme park experience.

For this upcoming spring release, the theme parks are turning to the famous Legoland Hotel, which is actually located in Chicago.

This brand new resort will be open to guests of all ages, which includes all ages at the resort.

With its unique theme park layout, the hotel will feature a large, indoor garden and dining area, as well as a lounge area for those who prefer a more casual experience.

In addition to Legoland’s hotel, the resort will also include a lounge and restaurant for guests to relax at and eat at.

Guests will be able to enjoy the luxury of Legoland hotel rooms, as the resort is offering guests a variety of different amenities including, WiFi, video games, pool tables, fitness center, and more.

Legoland also said that they are working to add additional amenities to the resort to help guests stay connected.

In a statement, the resorts stated that the resort’s new concept will be different from the ones that have previously been offered in the parks, such as the Iceland Park.

The resort said that the new concept is “a unique and innovative way for guests of the Legos world to enjoy an experience that will be the envy of everyone who has ever visited the parks.”

The resort will offer an incredible value of $200 per person, which will include meals, entertainment, and lodging for guests.

The value of this offer will also be based on how many guests there are.

This is a big step for Legoland, as they previously had a much higher rate of guests than what is currently offered in parks, but now they are offering more for their guests, which could mean that guests will be willing to spend more.

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