In a move that has drawn criticism from many, Jacksons Hotel in Melbourne’s south is set to open for business.

The hotel’s owners will be receiving a special hotel gift card from the company on Tuesday.

Jacksons hotel’s manager David Jones said the gift card would be the first gift from Jacksones company to his staff and customers.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the community into our hotel and providing them with an experience they won’t forget,” Mr Jones said.

The hotel will have free Wi-Fi and the first guests will be given a tour of the hotel by its manager David, who will give them a tour on a walk-in shower room.

Mr Jones said they were “really excited” to be opening the hotel, which has a “smallish” footprint of just 100 square metres.

“It’s a really big opportunity and we’re really excited to have it,” Mr Jackson said.

“As long as it’s running smoothly we’ll be OK, it’s a new concept and we’ll have to work out how to make it work.”

Hopefully we’ll manage to do that.

“Jacksones general manager Ian Lattimer said the hotel had a very strong foundation and would soon have its “first tenant”.”

It was designed for the hotel’s first tenant to be a small, local business, and it’s going to be amazing,” he said.

Mr Lattimers wife, Ann, has lived in the hotel since it opened in 2006 and said she was excited to welcome the hotel to her home.”

Mr Lathimer said he would also be looking forward the opportunity to give away the hotel gift cards.””

It gives me a bit of closure.”

Mr Lathimer said he would also be looking forward the opportunity to give away the hotel gift cards.

“They’re going to give them to people at the door, and I want to give people a chance to go back to the hotel,” he added.

“I think that’s going.

I’m really excited about it.”

Jackson Hole hotels staff are expected to be on hand to hand out the gift cards to anyone who visits the hotel for the first time.

“Every one of them is going to get a free gift card and we’ve done that for every one of the rooms, the breakfast, breakfast bars, and breakfast, and so on,” Mr Lathimers said.

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