This article originally appeared on CNN Money.

Read moreRead moreFlores, Indiana, is an idyllic town with lots of people and lots of things to do.

The state capital, Flores, is just minutes away from the state’s beautiful, scenic lakefront.

The picturesque town is known for its beaches and beacheside parks, including one that’s home to the oldest swimming hole in the world.

There’s also plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and a small community of farmers and ranchers.

There are several hotels and restaurants, some of which are very popular with dog owners.

But the town is not your typical hotel.

Flores has been in the news for some time over its use of an artificial turf field and its refusal to install dog-resistant fencing.

Florence, which is about an hour west of Indianapolis, has been getting a bad reputation for dog-related crimes, including an arrest this year of a man accused of biting a dog and then throwing the dog’s feces into the lake.

Some people have accused Flores of not enforcing the city’s dog-control ordinances, according to CNN Money reporter Jessica Cordero.

In the end, she said, the town just has to be more careful about how it treats its dog owners, and it should consider how many dogs there are in the area.

Flowers, like most small towns in the United States, is located in a region known as the Plains, which has long been considered to be one of the more dog friendly areas in the country.

Many people in Indiana, like Flores, have taken a stance that they believe the town has a responsibility to protect their dogs from predators, and to be as responsible as possible.

That’s why many people are taking a more hands-on approach with the animals they keep, said Michael Ritchie, owner of the Dog & Cat Café in Flores.

I do what I can to keep the dogs safe, he said.

I try to take care of the animals.

The city of Flores, I guess, is responsible for the safety of all of our animals, he added.

But some of the owners in Flores are concerned that the town’s efforts are becoming too much of a hassle.

“If it wasn’t for the dogs and the people in town, I’d be a little bit mad,” said Michael Boesch, who owns a pet-rescue shop in Flores and is one of several owners who want to keep their dogs in the town.

There have been many recent cases of dog attacks and other incidents of aggression involving the animals in the city, said Jennifer Estrada, an assistant professor of law at Indiana University.

In some of those cases, she added, the owners of the dogs were either charged with misdemeanor crimes or sentenced to community service.

The dog-rescuing industry has been booming in Flores for years, and many residents are passionate about their pets.

“I think a lot of people just want to be responsible,” said Boeshe, who has lived in the community for more than 30 years.

The dogs can be aggressive if they are not kept properly, Boesche said.

“You can have one that is a very good dog and they bite you or they can be a very bad dog and the owner can’t get them out of the area.”

For most people, Flores is just another town.

But for some of its residents, this town has become a symbol of dog love.

“It’s just a lovely little town,” said Patricia Johnson, who runs a dog-care business in the small town.

“I’ve seen some of my clients come here, and they just want the best for their dogs.

I just want them to be happy.”

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