In 2018, Nashville has an incredible mix of great hotels, great restaurants, great nightlife and fantastic entertainment.

Here’s our look at some of the top spots to eat, drink, play, shop, relax and more.1.

Westin Westin Hotel & Spa (New Orleans, LA)2.

Marriott Marquis Hotel & Suites (Atlanta, GA)3.

Hilton Nashville Downtown (Nashville, TN)4.

Marriott Grand Hyatt Regency (Orlando, FL)5.

Hyatt Grand Nashville (Memphis, TN)-The Westin offers a modern and chic interior with contemporary touches.

You can find some of Nashville’s most award-winning restaurants in this upscale hotel, which is a popular destination for weddings, corporate events and social gatherings.6.

Marriott Nashville Downtown-A boutique hotel in the heart of Nashville with an elegant and inviting downtown atmosphere.

It’s also a great place to visit during the summer.

The rooftop terrace and pool deck offer views of the Tennessee River.

It is a great option for a leisurely weekend getaway.7.

Hyatts Grand Hotel Nashville-This hotel is the ultimate Nashville retreat for couples looking to spend a few days on the water.

Its spacious, state-of-the-art pool deck is perfect for a romantic getaway or to relax in the lobby.8.

Marriott Charleston-A great downtown hotel that offers an elegant, upscale hotel in Charleston.

You’ll find a great selection of modern conveniences like heated indoor pools, a rooftop terraced swimming pool and a beautiful ballroom.9.

Marriott Hyatt Atlanta-This upscale hotel is nestled in a historic downtown area.

The hotel offers a large outdoor pool, a private rooftop bar, indoor and outdoor pool decks, a restaurant and a great rooftop bar area.10.

Hyott Grand Nashville-A stunning luxury hotel in Nashville’s heart of downtown.

You get a beautiful downtown setting with outdoor pools, an indoor rooftop bar and a spacious ballroom, plus plenty of outdoor space.11.

Hytt Grand Atlanta-Hyatt Grand is a gorgeous, upscale luxury hotel with an open-air ballroom overlooking the Tennessee river.

The restaurant and pool area are all open and accessible.

It offers some of Atlanta’s best restaurants and shopping, including the popular Gilt-Nite Market.12.

Hycrest Grand Hyatts Nashville-The beautiful Hycres Grand HyATT is a luxurious, open-floor resort in Nashville.

The spacious resort features indoor and rooftop bars, a pool and indoor and out-of, patio seating.13.

HycoGrand Hyatt-This luxury hotel is tucked away in the downtown area in Nashville, and it’s a great spot to enjoy the downtown skyline.

It has plenty of indoor and outdoors pool deck, and the resort has indoor and open- air ballrooms with outdoor terraces and a heated outdoor pool.14.

Marriott North America-A luxury hotel that’s just a stone’s throw from downtown Nashville.

It also has a very upscale lobby, a stylish restaurant and spa, and a fitness center.15.

Marriott Downtown Nashville-If you love fine dining, this hotel has it all.

It includes a dining room, lounge and wine bar, and an outdoor pool with a fire pit.16.

Hy-Vee Grand Hy-Town Nashville-Located in a renovated historic building, this resort features a full service spa, a large indoor pool, rooftop terraces, an outdoor swimming pool, and plenty of seating.17.

Hytown Grand Hywood-A historic hotel that has a great waterfront location, it’s got a gorgeous pool deck and an indoor tennis court.18.

Hywood Grand HyTown Nashville -The hotel has a beautiful waterfront location and it offers a spacious outdoor pool and spa.

It even has a small outdoor restaurant, which offers a variety of tasty meals.19.

Hythe Grand Hyton-A classic hotel with a modern interior.

It features a restaurant, a spa and indoor pool deck.20.

Marriott New Orleans-A hotel in a city famed for its history, this classic hotel has some of New Orleans’ finest restaurants, including one of the most famous in the city.21.

Marriott Atlanta-A unique hotel located in a historical district in Atlanta.

It boasts a large rooftop terrade with an indoor swimming pool for those who like to get a little exercise, a beautiful indoor bar and plenty more.22.

Marriott San Diego-This luxurious hotel has been renovated with a new rooftop bar overlooking the San Diego Bay and a rooftop dining room overlooking the bay.23.

Hyman Grand Hytown Nashville-It’s a historic hotel with many beautiful rooms, including a rooftop patio, an open indoor tennis courts, and outdoor seating.24.

Hymans Grand Hyland Nashville-An upscale hotel that features a spa, an expansive rooftop bar with a large open outdoor pool that’s a perfect option for those with

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